Jan 7, 2012

The big bang theory cookie for you !

Wanna some cookie? these TBBT cookies for all big bang fans !!Oh..we miss the "theory" ...forgive me !that word so hard to make..haha

TBBT cookies

Sheldon and Penny's Paper mould made by a big bang fan

This two little paper toys made by a fan of the big bang theory ! Sheldon showns the Spock gestures,otherwise,Penny wanna to give a hug to Sheldon ! These paper mould so funny ,loving !!Do you guys like that ?

Sheldon & Penny Paper-mould

Jan 6, 2012

A guy in the subway looks a lot like Sheldon!OMG!!

Can you believe it? A guy looks a lot like Sheldon in the subway !Maybe Sheldon took the sunbway to go to make the big bang theory TV shown !haha ~~~~

A guy in the subway looks a lot like Sheldon

South Park version of TBBT roles painted by a big bang fan

These pic was painted by a big bang theory fan! South Park version of the character of the big bang theory. I like the Leslie one best! Do you guys like this ?
South Park version of Sheldon

Oct 31, 2011

Nine shops of t-shirts for nerds

There is a list of 9 shops of t shirts for the geek and nerds .Ready to follow the geek style,like sheldon ? Check below our selection of clothing shops online more nerds of the world!


The site gringo KlearGear seems a mess at first sight: there are many options to see. Besides having six categories of t-shirts – one devoted entirely to it specialists! – the account store with gadgets, toys, books and objects of decoration.

20 reasons to love Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon Cooper is one of the freaks that most famous have been made, portrayed by Jim Parsons in the brilliant series The Big Bang Theory.

And it is not for less, Dr. Sheldon Cooper has two doctorates and a master's degree, is an expert in theoretical physics (and great lover of string theory) and its name comes from the physicist Leon Neil Cooper, Nobel Prize in Physics in 1972.

Sheldon Cooper, theoretical physicist
Its success is probably based on the genius of his answers and his characteristic way of being, full of comic, technical and scientific details, which we will highlight only 20...

Jun 14, 2011

let's follow the Sheldon fashion!!!

In big bang theory, sheldon has so many t shirts.. I collect some in my flick: Sheldon's T - shirts in big bang theory 

Love it ? I guess you will love this blog collecting all the big bang theory shirts,geek stuff :The big bang theory shirts

This set are all Screenshots of all the clothes sheldon wearing in big bang theory, t shirts,Pajamas,Suit,cosplay,etc

Hope you like it !

As a big fan of big bang theory, let's follow the Sheldon fashion!

pick a sheldon shirt for you !

I will pick this ,peny peny peny shirt... muhaha...so cute

List Price: $29.9
Price: $21.9
  • Color: Blue
  • Made of: 100% Cotton
  • Fit: Standard US Mens    SHOP NOW>>  
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