May 6, 2011

Howard's mother on The Big Bang Theory?

The classic voice of howards mother: "HOOOOOWAAAAAARRRRDD".....
I really love her yelling. :P
  • Hooooowwaaaaarrrdd!!! help me get my girdle off!!!
  • HOWARD! What are you DOING in there?? You've been in there for HOURS! You know we have to SHARE that bath water?! :D
  • HOOOOOWAAAAAAAAARRD say hello to your new little friends!
  • who's there? are you a sex criminal???
  • nobody wants to do that to you ma!!!
  • .....
  • .........
She sounds like a big fatty ebony type...she is really funny.Howard's mother is my favorite side character. I love her voice and attitude.
I just realized the voice is so close with the voice of Joey's agent,Estelle, on friends. Almost the same !!!!!They are the same person? Who knows ?!!Plz share with me ~~~

This pic is Estelle on friends, Joey's agent,a funny woman too..
Estelle on friend


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