May 6, 2011

Howard's mother on The Big Bang Theory?

The classic voice of howards mother: "HOOOOOWAAAAAARRRRDD".....
I really love her yelling. :P
  • Hooooowwaaaaarrrdd!!! help me get my girdle off!!!
  • HOWARD! What are you DOING in there?? You've been in there for HOURS! You know we have to SHARE that bath water?! :D
  • HOOOOOWAAAAAAAAARRD say hello to your new little friends!
  • who's there? are you a sex criminal???
  • nobody wants to do that to you ma!!!
  • .....
  • .........
She sounds like a big fatty ebony type...she is really funny.Howard's mother is my favorite side character. I love her voice and attitude.
I just realized the voice is so close with the voice of Joey's agent,Estelle, on friends. Almost the same !!!!!They are the same person? Who knows ?!!Plz share with me ~~~

This pic is Estelle on friends, Joey's agent,a funny woman too..
Estelle on friend


  1. i love estele...
    -look at me!
    do i have lipstick on my teeth?
    anyway... estelle is june guble or something... and howards mom is (as you mention it on your blog) Carol Ann Susi..
    great blog btw..

  2. June Gable is Estelle, also hilarious, but Howard's mom asking "are you a sex criminal?" will always crack me up. lol


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