Oct 31, 2011

20 reasons to love Sheldon Cooper

Sheldon Cooper is one of the freaks that most famous have been made, portrayed by Jim Parsons in the brilliant series The Big Bang Theory.

And it is not for less, Dr. Sheldon Cooper has two doctorates and a master's degree, is an expert in theoretical physics (and great lover of string theory) and its name comes from the physicist Leon Neil Cooper, Nobel Prize in Physics in 1972.

Sheldon Cooper, theoretical physicist
Its success is probably based on the genius of his answers and his characteristic way of being, full of comic, technical and scientific details, which we will highlight only 20...

In all the chapters of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper carries a specific shirt, which shows one of the symbols of their heroes of comic series or film which considers worship or similar.

Some of the shirts of Sheldon
In Sheldon Shirts is a collection of Sheldon Cooper t-shirts, if you want to buy some.

2. Rules and clauses

Still to strict norms, laws and clauses (especially, when they are created by him). One of the few ways to convince him of something, is to find any contradiction between their (usually) numerous points.

In the case of failure to respect them, assign you a Strike (minus). Arriving at the 3 strikes you're banned for a year, unless you attend a course taught by Sheldon.

3. Use of the Klingon

Sheldon knows the Klingon language, the native language of the breeds of the same name, in Star Trek.

Sheldon brings this passion one step further, making headings of table games in this language. For example, in some chapters are seen playing Boggle (a kind of Scrabble) in Klingon.

Curious fact that perhaps you didn't know: even the own Google has their Google search engine in Klingon.


At the age of 13, he attempted to build a small nuclear reactor for light free all the people. However, fissile material was missing, and to try to buy on the Internet, a representative of the Government convinced him that it was illegal have enriched uranium.

A little earlier, at the age of 8, he built a robot armed with circuits of her twin sister, Missy Cooper, toy oven after having perfected in an industrial oven. All of this to avoid his sister entered his room.

Well, I must admit that Missy Cooper is also another reason.

He loves both the DC and Marvel comics. Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Watchmen, Hulk, X-Men, etc...

It has an extensive collection which are one of its most precious treasures.

6. Your site on the couch

One of the classics of Sheldon, is that it has its own site on the couch and nobody else can sit there. The reason is simple:

In winter this site is fairly close to the radiator to heat, but not enough to cause sweating. In summer it is the perfect point of the current created by opening Windows here (towards the interior of the building) and there (the street). The TV is at an angle that it is not nor direct, discouraging the conversation, or so broad that causes a pull of neck or the image is distorted.

7. Operating systems

Sheldon uses several operating systems include Windows and Linux.

Microsoft, has used Windows Vista and Windows 7, preferring the first one, since the latter is easier to use (user-friendly, 'user-friendly') and that he dislikes.

All distributions of Linux, it prefers Ubuntu.

8.Stone, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock

After conducting several empirical evidence, it has been shown that with stone, paper, scissors players known tie 75% to 80% of the time, due to the limited number of results.
A game, says Sheldon, very simple...
That is why Sheldon proposed this alternative version, with their corresponding instructions, which solves that problem. Stone, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock.

9. Social networks

Sheldon uses several social networks, including Facebook, Twitter or MySpace.

Even as marketing techniques, the production company recorded several Twitter accounts:

  • Sheldon Cooper Bio: I'm allergic to bees and cats. I also have asthma.
  • Leonard Hofstadter Bio: Fan of Superman. Physical.
  • Howard Wolowitz Bio: design satellites know 6 languages. I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND.
  • Rajesh Koothrappali Bio: always silent
  • Penny Bio: I aspire to be an actress and work in "The tartitas of cheese".
Note: These are not real profiles of the actors, only of their fictional characters.


Sheldon is totally unable to understand sarcasm. His partner, Leonard often uses a poster of sarcasm to indicate when is making use of it.

Sarcasmo, Sheldon... Sarcasmo...

Sheldon's favorite video games include: Halo, Rock Band, World of Warcraft (WoW), Super Mario 64 or Age of Conan.

Halo is one of their favorite games, and does not understand a person may prefer sex to Halo, if it has not been improved, or includes 3D graphics, nor weapons of new generation.

Also, and although it is not a video game, she loves trains.

12.Theories about Sheldon

His friends believe that the origin of Sheldon is not too clear and maintain different explanations.

Leonard theory

Sheldon is a larva of their own species. Someday it will become a cocoon and after a time will come out of him as a Sheldon exoskeleton and wings.

Howard theory

Sheldon is a species that reproduces by mitosis and someday will eat a large amount of Thai, dividing into two Sheldons food.

The theory of Howard Wolowitz in the form of nightmare of Leonard

Raj theory

Sheldon is actually a robot, which cannot meet the 3 laws of Robotics of Isaac Asimov. Raj starts this theory after an 'innocent' Howard's question.

Penny theory

Sheldon is a species of alien that must not move housing, to not confuse the mothership when you return to find him.

13.Hates Apple

On several occasions refers in a derogatory way to Apple technicians. Where there is more clear perhaps is when talks about finding a mediocre job:

What is the work that can stun a person more? And found 3 answers: collector of motorway tolls, expert of an Apple store and the work of Penny. As I don't like playing the currencies of other people and I refuse to contribute to the devaluation of the word expert... Me here.
14.Knock, knock, knock... Penny

Another of the more famous pillars of Sheldon is the take the need to draw on the verge of a very particular way.

Knock, knock, knock, Penny... (x3)
You must perform 3 shots (Knock in English) call the person that wants to go and make this mantra twice more. It is assumed that his obsessive-compulsive disorder forces him to finish it once started.


The series is also part of its particular universe. Series as Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, the Lord of the rings, the wars, Doctor Who or Firefly are his favorite.

When you hurt somebody, put the helmet of Darth Vader and tries to strangle with force.

It does not support Babylon 5.

16. The friendship algorithm

In one of the chapters, Sheldon invents and designs the algorithm of friendship, a diagram of flow to make friends in a trivial manner and with a single itinerary.

Howard makes some changes with a loop counter to fine-tune it to see the error of Sheldon to put into practice.


Sheldon likes to use the Behaviorism of Edward Lee Thorndike to modify the erratic behavior of some people.

For example, uses this technique with Penny, rewarding it with a chocolate that it was a good thing (or realized that had done something wrong) as positive reinforcement.

18.Bazinga... or Zas, in the mouth!

Perhaps, one of the most famous things of Sheldon Cooper, is the said Bazinga! (Zas in the mouth! Spanish or Vacilón! translation in Latin) after a joke.
It is said that the expression comes from the game (Puzzle Bobble clone), Bubble Bazinga, to reach 10,000 points of an only tyre, appeared a screen with a trumpet saying Bazinga!.

Bubble Bazinga in a 'pool' of colored balls.
However, the expression was very similar to the Bazing, used in the famous series family guy, and translated by Zas! In all mouth!. So, finally, that term was used.

19.FlatLand, the imaginary world

Sheldon refers repeatedly to FlatLand, an imaginary geometric world in two dimensions. This world is based on the novel Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions, Edwin Abbott.
Also made a movie, Flatland: The movie, based on the novel by Abbott.


Finally, one of the most famous quotes is when ask you if you have a driver's license:

«I'm too evolved to conducir.»»



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