May 6, 2011

Will Howards mother been seen in an episode?

Do you want to see the Bizarre, hysterical, but funny lady?In fact , I really love this side character.:p
Having viewed every big bang theory episode many times, I wonder shall we be introduced to the Howards mother. till the big bang theory season 4 episode 22,We've met Leonard's and Sheldon's mother and both of Raj's parents,and also Penny's father.I ask ten fans of big bang ,9 tell me they do not want !! maybe they are right,we all would like to sleep and have no interests in getting nightmares.
Not seeing Howard's mother while she's yelling at her son is part of the fun! Leave a little to the imagination. she is best left a mystery, sort of like Wilson on Home Improvement. We probably all imagine her in different ways, which is cool.
ok then, howards mother,plz stay next door, Oh don't burst into the lens of the big bang theory.:p


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