May 4, 2011

与妾共度一夜,君将余生齿颊留香- To the Chinese subtitles of TBBT

This is from the season 4.15 of the big bang theory. The old woman said to Leonard :"you`d remember a night with me for the rest of your life." Chinese translation into"与妾共度一夜,君将余生齿颊留香". I must say , that translations is so classics,translation is also a authoring. so admire the staff ,who work for the Chinese subtitles of the big bang theory.Thx your guys !
the season 4.15 of the big bang theory

after that ...
the old woman said :I am that good, Chinese translation into "老娘能让你爽"........(⊙o⊙)
OMG!! I almost fell from the Chair.
that is really a bazinga!!!!! 

This is for you who know chinese !!!^_^

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