Oct 31, 2011

Nine shops of t-shirts for nerds

There is a list of 9 shops of t shirts for the geek and nerds .Ready to follow the geek style,like sheldon ? Check below our selection of clothing shops online more nerds of the world!


The site gringo KlearGear seems a mess at first sight: there are many options to see. Besides having six categories of t-shirts – one devoted entirely to it specialists! – the account store with gadgets, toys, books and objects of decoration.


Abram alas para o site more complete and amazing the world nerd. Ok, overdid it. But the ThinkGeek is a pioneer when it comes to selling products for nerds – and we're not talking about just t-shirts, one of the site. There are a multitude of themes, prints, sizes and colors for nerds of all tastes, plus jackets, bathrobes (!), cosplay contest … is the paradise of shopping!
Plus,you can find a lot of sheldon shirts in the thinkgeek site.

CafePress is one of the most well known custom t-shirt designers on the Internet. They not only offer custom t–shirt services, but they also boast a plethora of additional items like hats, bags, office supplies, buttons and more. CafePress is likely best known for their large selection of lighthearted attire, focused on topics from college humor to autism to colon cancer to popular cartoons and comics.

They offer digital and screen printing options and images can be placed on the front, back and pockets of shirts. CafePress is notorious for having some of the funniest and best previously designed t–shirt decals, best exemplified by their extensive niche humor selections.

The Fort of the site are the t-shirts inspired by comic book characters and video games. The prices of t-shirts do not exceed the 30 dollars and also deliver in Brazil. Want to buy a gift, but don't know what would be the person? Choose a gift certificate from the store.

With the promise of having exclusive new prints every week, the Busted Tees is a new shop and fun as well. Most prints makes references to jokes and internet memes. You can find t-shirts for only 10 bucks there

Superhero Stuff

No wonder the SuperHero Stuff styled himself "the largest store on web superheroes". In addition to being divided by dozens of categories of t-shirts, there are also hundreds of incredible accessories for all tastes, such as action figures, pajamas, belts and covers for mobile. You can spend hours looking at the acquis of the store.

The Tee Fury has a somewhat different from previous shops. Only one print is sold per day for 12:0 am, no chance to be repeated, which makes it more exclusive clothes well.

When entering the site, the visitor is greeted by a huge banner of World of Warcraft, Starcraft and Call of Duty, some of the latest collections of t-shirts from the Jinx. Every week, the store makes promotions t-shirts to 5 dollars, in addition to having a permanent section of t-shirts to 10 dollars. The specialty store, as it gives to realize, are t-shirts inspired by video games and pop culture.

Unlike other stores, the bigbangtheoryshirts does not sell t-shirts, but redirects to sites that sell the clothes used by Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter in The Big Bang Theory. 


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